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100% Family Owned & Operated Company Since 2009

Welcome to Shiva Air Conditioning

Based in central Dublin, we offer the air conditioning design, sales, installation, repair and maintenance for a wide range of Air conditioners and air conditioning equipment for computer rooms, offices, shops, restaurants, hairdresser’s and other retail premises, with our experienced technicians providing a quality of service and attention to detail that we are confident you just won’t find elsewhere.

Neatness in our work is considered high priority, leading to many customer’s calling us back again and again, we use modern equipment/tools and asset management software, bringing the service into the 21st century.

As Shiva has built a good relationship with the distributors of all leading brands, we can offer a more competitive price for new installations, as well as have spare parts when required, ordered and dispatched promptly.

We are also directly affiliated with Toshiba Air Conditioning, which means we can offer up to a 7-Year Parts & Labour Warranty*

We are fully insured, FGAS Registered, and Health & Safety compliant.

In 2020 we successfully launched our own OEM range of UVC TiO² Air Sterilisation Products. The most popular model fits into any new or existing AC System or Fan Coil Unit, dramatically improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).



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We can provide regular Air conditioner service checks to your home/business

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  • Installation – 62%
  • Maintenance – 21%
  • Repair – 6%
  • Consultancy & Design – 11%