Public & Private Hospitals, Primary Care Centres,

Private Clinics, Long Term Residential Homes,

Specialist Healthcare Settings

Shiva can offer full ‘Design and Build’ fixed HVAC systems for long term reliable solutions. However they can also offer unique short to medium term solutions for environments such as buildings with a short lease remaining, temporary portakabins, or modular builds which may not be economically viable to invest in a long term solution.

Specialists in all bespoke requirements associated within the Healthcare sector, Shiva can liase with your own Facilities Management and IPC Teams to develop the safest and most cost effective solution for your staff and patients.

All new systems / solutions are designed to the standards of the latest industry standard recommendations as a minimum requirement to be achieved. Professional Indemnity Insurances on any Shiva designed system / solution and full BCAR sign-off also available if required. Shiva also possess a HSE (Ireland) Vendor Number for ease of setting up purchase orders and invoicing.


  • Outpatient Departments
  • A&E / Waiting Areas
  • OT / Sterile / Scrub / Prep Areas
  • Clinical / Research Areas
  • Patient Wards (1/4/6 Bed)

Residential Care / Nursing Homes

  • Recreational Areas
  • Nurses Stations
  • Rehabilitation Areas
  • Specialist Care Areas
  • Kitchen / Canteen


  • Primary Care Centres
  • GP / Dental Practices
  • Private Healthcare
  • Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Research & Laboratory

Infection Prevention Control (IPC)

Following the SARS-COV-2 Pandemic in 2020 the importance of good ventilation has become more prevelent among healthcare staff, patients, and the general public. In the past, requirements for HEPA filtration, air flow rates, positive and negative pressure environments, etc. were mainly associated with Clean Rooms, Isolation Wards, and Reseach or Testing Facilities. Recents studies have shown the majority of HCAI’s are transmitted via airborne particles, yet IPC measures to date still largely focus budgets on maintaining fomite cleaning practices.

With over 20 years experience solely focused on installing and maintaining HVAC services, Shiva are one of the few companies in Ireland qualified and competent to advise on improving IPC measure by simply improving or supplementing ventilation systems in your facility. From fixed systems to unique ‘Plug & Play’ solutions there are very few probelms they cannot solve. 

Shiva can also provide solutions on a lease-to-buy or long term rental basis, meaning no upfront costs are involved and existing CAPEX budgets are unaffected.

Shiva aim to provide a IPC solution for common airborne Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI/HCAI)’s
including but not limited to:

H1N1 (Influenza)

Norovirus (Winter vomiting bug)

Rhinoviruses (Common cold)

Pertussis (Whooping cough)



Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)


Tuberculosis (TB)

OT Ventilation & UCV Ventilation Systems

Shiva can offer a full turn-key design and build on new systems, or revise and upgrade existing systems. We excel in retro-fitting older buildings as we understand none of the ‘privileges’ in modern builds may exist, such as dedicated OT plant rooms, service risers, ceiling voids, raised access floors, etc.

As time stood still in these buildings, technology has continued to move on, meaning there now may be a solution for areas previously unable to reach the required standards.

We carry out a full site survey and calculate the requirements to suit YOUR area, including Temperature Control, Air Movement Control, Supply/Extract ACH rates, Nominal Room Pressures (Pa), Pressure Relief Dampers, Stabiliser Dampers, Transfer Grilles, and more.  

UVC Air Sterilisation Kit for Fan Coils

OEM products designed and manufactured exclusively by Shiva Air Conditioning utilising existing patented technology (in R&D since March 2018).

A recommended addition to any new or existing Fan Coil or AC Unit in Healthcare Settings.

Perishable Nano-Titania TiO² Filters (6 months) or Atomiser Spray Solution solution, for Dual UVC & Photocatalysis Sterilisation. Each Kit lasts for 12 months before replacement is recommended.
Independently tested by NRTL’s and regional independent IPC/Microbiology departments to deactivate multiple airborne bacteria and viruses including H1N1, Rhinoviruses, and Coronaviruses.

The NRCS1016 Air Sterilisation Kit also greatly assists with long term Aspergillus prevention and control measures when installed, by capturing and deactivating the airborne conidia particles as opposed to allowing them to recirculate. When combined with the Shiva NRP50 Commercial Grade Air Purifier with Air Sterilisation dramatic IPC improvements can be obtained immediately with minimum effort and costs involved.

These products can also be sold as standalone items, meaning they can be installed by your current AC Contractor/provider. Full instructions on installation is provided for Contractors.


Close up of an air conditioning unit

Commercial Grade Air Purifier w/ Air Sterilisation


Plug and Play- Standalone or adaptable to incorporate a new fresh air source

Auto mode- continuously scans the rooms and adjusts to suit the environment

Live Air Quality display of particles and VOC’s

WiFi Interface as standard

Quiet Operation (~24dBa)

Low power consumption (58W-88W)

Modern Design- suits any space

Safety ‘Auto Switchoff’ if filter panel is accidentally opened while in operation

Easy to maintain with a washable pre-filter, to extend life of HEPA13 Filters


Immediate improvement in ACH rates and current ventilation levels

Vastly improved overall air quality, will also eliminate smells & odors to an extent

Easily retrofitted to existing spaces and can be easily repositioned / repurposed

Fresh Air Supply to areas with windows closed / sealed shut due to IPC measures (Aspergillus)

Staff piece of mind

Risk reduction and enhanced IPC

Better equipped for future outbreaks of HCAIs

Optional use of additional attachments to quickly achieve a 100% HEPA Supply, or 100% HEPA Extract for any area at short notice if required

Hospital Ward Air Purifier Device

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Solutions

Most common equipment utilised in new installations can be viewed in operation at the Shiva showroom, (located in Ballymount, Dublin 24, just off the M50) assisting you to make the right choice of unit. During a site survey, Shiva will determine how much heating, cooling, and/or ventilation ACH (Air Changes per Hour) rates you will need in the area, as well as assist you in making the right choice for both your design and budget requirements.

  • Reception Areas
  • Outpatient Departments
  • Waiting Areas
  • Nurses Stations
  • Clinical Areas
  • GP / Dental Practices

Portable Air Conditioning

We stock several commercial grade portable air conditioning units at all times.

We have a fleet for hire, and also have new units for sale.

All units we supply are ‘A’ Energy Rated.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Packaged Ventilation System, brings fresh air in from outside, and extracts stale air from inside. Ideal for areas with no access to opening windows. Heat Recovery Systems can also be designed to integrate with the air conditioning system. They use exhaust air to pre-condition the incoming air, thus reducing the cooling or heating load and the overall size of the required air conditioning system for that area. Heat Recovery Systems are generally the most cost effective way of achieving targeted ACH rates in an area where no stringent cross contamination restrictions are in place. As such, they are generally not recommended for areas like Isolation Wards and Wet Labs.

  • Reception Areas
  • Outpatient Departments
  • Waiting Areas
  • Nurses Stations
  • Clinical Areas
  • GP / Dental Practices
  • Canteen / Dining Areas
  • Recreational / Rehabilitation Areas

Shiva Lease-to-Buy Finance

Shiva Air Conditioning Ltd have teamed up with a respected privately operated leasing operator to offer this option on eligible new Supply & Installation projects.

Protect budgets and cashflow, and spread payments over terms of 24 – 60 months in a tax efficient way.

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