SHIVA-CAP03 TiO² UVC In-Car Air Purifier & Steriliser

CADR 15m³ – Perfect for cars, vans, trucks, fleet vehicles, etc

The In-Car Sterilisation Solution

Effectively removes:
Inhalable Particles
Toluene Formaldehyde
Pollutants & Odours
Pollen & Other Allergens
Bacteria & Germs
Common Viruses (Incl. Covid-19)

Plug & Play Installation
CADR 15m³/hr – Perfect for vehicles
Long Lifespan (10,000 hours / 3 years)
Silent Operation
Designed utilising Medical Grade 254nm UVC & 405nm UVA LED’s
Nano-Titania TiO² Metal Filter for Dual UVC & Photocatalysis Sterilisation
No Ozone, No Mercury, – Safe to operate while driving
Easy single touch ON/OFF Operation
Colour changing indicator to let you know when air is clean

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