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All AC Models Can be Viewed in Operation at our Showroom in Dublin

All new AC installation models can be viewed in operation at the Shiva Ballymount Showroom assisting you in making the right choice of unit. This section also gives an example of some standard air conditioning units we install and a brief explanation of their functions and advantages. When you call us at +35314539118 for a quotation we will determine how much heating/cooling you will need in the area, as well as assist you in making the right choice for your home/business. All air conditioning units come in Split-Type or as part of a Multi VRF System for larger scale projects.

Various Commercial and Residential AC Units We Offer in Dublin, Ireland

Standard 4-Way Cassette:

A commonly seen AC installation and for a good reason, these are great in situations where maximum airflow is required from minimal space, popular among offices, shops, hairdressers, and other retail premises, great advantages with this ever-reliable Air conditioning unit. Also available in a compact 600mm version which sits perfectly into a standard ceiling tile in suspended ceilings. The SHIVA-NRCS-1016 Air Sterilisation Kit (optional upgrade) complements these systems very well.

High Wall Unit:

Another commonly seen unit, perfect for small offices, computer rooms, and lots of other retail outlets, Shiva keeps a constant stock of multiple models, and prices these units very competitively. The SHIVA-NRCS-1016 Air Sterilisation Kit (optional upgrade) complements these systems very well.

Concealed Ducted Unit:

These units are installed in ceiling voids, air is carried via ducts, then dispersed through grilles in the ceiling. Ideal for open-plan offices as well as areas where you would rather not see any air conditioning unit on view, but still get the required heating/cooling for the desired area. A wide variety of grilles is available to suit clients’ tastes. The SHIVA-NRCS-1016 Air Sterilisation Kit (optional upgrade) compliments these systems very well.

Floor Mounted AC Unit:

Ideal for offices as an alternative to wall mounted units, also installed in conservatories/sunrooms quite often. Shiva can also supply Concealed Chassis Floor Mounted Units, which can be installed behind custom-made wooden covers, to match décor and not take the look from a room. Perfect for refurbishments of old buildings etc. The SHIVA-NRCS-1016 Air Sterilisation Kit (optional upgrade) complements these systems very well.

Stainless Steel Under-Ceiling Unit:

Installed tight to both wall and ceiling, these systems are absolutely ideal for commercial kitchens in restaurants/cafes. Easy to clean grease from, and with specially applied carbon filters to mitigate oil penetration on the coil. This is the ideal unit if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen!

Under-Ceiling Unit:

Installed the same way as the Stainless Steel version, these have a direct airflow range of up to 8 meters, ideal for every situation where heat is an issue. A viable alternative to a Cassette unit if there is a lack of a ceiling void. The SHIVA-NRCS-1016 Air Sterilisation Kit (optional upgrade) complements these systems very well.

Toshiba Daiseikai Unit:

This is a higher spec wall-mounted unit, with a centimeterbuilt-in air purifier, that produces over 1 million negative ions per square centimetre of air to provide incomparable freshness to a room. The Toshiba Daiseikai is possibly one of THE best energy-efficient units on the market at the moment, with operating costs as low as €0.03 per hour.

Heat Recovery Ventilation:

A full Ventilation System brings fresh air in from the outside and extracts stale air from the inside. Ideal for areas with no access to opening windows. Heat Recovery Systems can also be designed to integrate with the air conditioning system. They use exhaust air to pre-condition the incoming air, thus reducing the cooling or heating load and the overall size of the required air conditioning system for that area.

Portable Air Conditioners:

We supply the sale/hire of commercial-gradeself-evaporatin portable air conditioners, for when a short-term solution is required rather than a permanent solution. The units we supply are self evaporating (no need to empty drip trays) and can also have a heating mode as well as cooling. All units we use are R410A/R32 systems which use modern inverter motor units, and are ‘A’ energy-rated.

SHIVA Commercial Grade Air Purifiers:

The innovative NRP50 features HEPA13 Filters, Carbon Filters, patented Photocatalyst Filters, and a bespoke UVC element which when combined ensures bacteria and viruses are converted to harmless by-products carbon dioxide and water. The product range has a combined 700+ pages of testing certificates from internationally renowned TUV Rheinland, and SGS amongst others. Proven to deactivate airborne bacteria and viruses including H1N1, Rhinoviruses, and Coronaviruses, as well as other pollutants, allergens, odors & more. Know more about Shiva Commercial Grade Air Purifier here.

Air Purification:

Certain New Air Conditioning Installation also come with built-in air purification systems, some examples of these are the Toshiba Daiseikai wall-mounted unit, and the LG ‘Neo Plasma’ system.

Since March 2020, Shiva Air Conditioning (using its own pre-existing patented technology from another product we are developing), designed and developed our own aftermarket air purification and sterilisation solution, which can retro-fit into any new installations or existing AC, VRF, or Fan Coil System. This system is tested and proven to deactivate & destroy 99.95% of Impurities, Bacteria, Germs, Allergens, Mold, & Viruses (Incl COVID19) on contact.

Find out more about the SHIVA-NRCS-1016 TiO² UVC Air Sterilisation Kit on our Products page, or Shop page on the website.

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